June 01, 2018 - July 01, 2018

Music by Harvey Schmidt
book and Lyrics by Tom Jones

Last seen at STAGES in its Inaugural Season, I DO! I DO! tells the poignant story of 50 years in the married lives of Michael and Agnes.  This two character musical version of the comedy/drama “The Fourposter” takes place entirely in a bedroom and takes its audience on a whirlwind journey that begins in 1895 and ends half a century later.  I DO! I DO! offers its audiences a frank look at the miracle of marriage as Michael and Agnes experience childbirth, parenthood, and the eventual settling down to face the future and their advancing years together. Originally written for the Broadway stars, Mary Martin and Robert Preston, STAGES employs the innovative theatrical hat-trick of two separate rotating casts: neither of which you will want to miss! An unabashed gift to the many couples who have walked through our doors, I DO! I DO! will be sure to steal your heart while celebrating the many triumphs and heartaches of marriage: past, present, and future! 

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David Schmittou &
Kari Ely
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Steve Isom &
Corinne Melançon
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